Meet Our Teachers!

At Little Imaginations we staff our classrooms with caring and supportive teachers.  These wonderful people recognize the wonder and potential in young children!  Our staff create lesson plans and activities that are developmentally appropriate and will enrich your child's learning in the areas of motor skills, speech and language, cognitive skills, and personal and social growth.  The encouragement and love children receive from our teaching staff will have a positive and lasting impact on their future!  In order to meet the academic needs of our students all of our 3K and 4K teachers have college degrees and experience in the field of education.

Tracy 2017.JPG

Tracy Estes- director

Tracy has been the director at Little Imaginations since 2005.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education  and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Prior to Little Imaginations she served as a 4K teacher for 11 years.  Since the most significant growth and learning occurs from birth to age five, Tracy believes attending preschool is invaluable to a child's development. She enjoys being present for the first five years of a child's life and watching them master so many new skills.  The wonder and joy that light up the children's faces at each new accomplishment make her proud to be a leader in the field of early education.

Amy F 2017.JPG

amy ferguson- Asst. director

Amy has been the assistant director since 2011, having previously worked as the preschool's music teacher since 2006.  She brings a background in administration to her position, having worked as support staff in the sales industry for 12 years.  She holds a B.A. in music performance and provides music classes for all ages at the preschool.  Her favorite part of working at the preschool is hearing all of the imaginative stories the children share about family, pets, and well, everything else!  She enjoys watching the children build a sense of community, and witnessing their acts of kindness and selflessness toward each other.

Sally 2017.JPG

sally turner- 4K

Mrs. Sally has been teaching at Little Imaginations since 2009 and in 4K since 2010.  She came to us after 25 years teaching kindergarten in public school and holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her experience in the kindergarten classroom is invaluable in preparing her classes for their elementary years.  Her favorite part of teaching preschool is watching the amazing progress her students make between August and May, and seeing everything they are capable of by the time they graduate our program!


Katie patterson-clements- 4K

Mrs. Katie joined our staff in 2017.  She holds a Master's degree in Education, specializing in ESL.  She has previously taught for 9 years, working with ages kindergarten through 3rd grade.  She believes that every child is a learner with special gifts and needs.  She enjoys working in a Christian environment, spending her days both teaching and learning.  Her goal is to help give each child confidence and love, so that they feel free and excited about learning, exploring, and being creative.  


stephanie powers- 3K

Mrs. Stephanie joined our staff in 2017.  She has taught for 7 years, working with ages ranging from 2 to 7 years.  Her background is in Special Needs Education and Therapy.  Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the children grow and seeing how much they learn in just a few months.  She loves seeing how they build sweet friendships and how their little personalities come out as they get to know her and the other children!

Christine 2017.JPG

christine ponte- two-year-olds

Ms. Christine joined our staff in 2017.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and taught preschool previously for 3 years, specializing in the care of two-year-olds and working with ages up to 4K.  Christine enjoys watching the children learn and grow as they progress through their preschool years.  She enjoys the unique personalities of each child and the way they interact together.  There is never a dull moment with their cute faces and intelligent little minds at work!

MeganDavisPhoto (1).jpg

Megan Davis- two-year-olds

Mrs. Megan came to Little Imaginations in 2018. She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Megan’s goal as a teacher is to create a safe and secure environment where children feel loved and appreciated for their unique personalities and abilities. She hopes to promote growth and development while instilling an early love of learning in her students. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the joy and confidence a child feels when learning something new, mastering a skill, or simply playing with friends!

Cathy 2017.JPG

cathy nuss- toddlers

Mrs. Cathy joined our staff in 2011.  She was already a familiar face, having assisted with the care of her grandchildren while they attended Little Imaginations!  She has taught in both the twos and toddlers classes and worked with all class levels as a classroom aid.  She enjoys seeing how much the children evolve from the first day to the last day of the school year, especially as they learn how to share and treat each other with love and kindness.

Gail 2017.JPG

gail cooch- infants

Mrs. Gail began teaching at Little Imaginations in 2008.  She has worked with the infant, toddler, and young two's classes.  She is also a church member here at Bluff Park UMC and began here as a nursery worker for Sunday services.  Working with our youngest classes, she is often with them for first steps or first words, watching them grow as they transition from babies to toddlers.  She enjoys providing the basics of love, attention, and comfort to all of our little ones!

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