Dear parents-

We are so privileged to be starting another year at Little Imaginations!  We are honored that you have placed your child in our care and look forward to watching each student  learn and grow over the course of the year.   For those of you who are returning from previous years, we are thankful for your continued support of the preschool and we look forward to partnering with you again in the interest of your child.  For those of you who are new to Little Imaginations, we would like all of our new students to have a smooth and happy transition into our preschool family!


Here are a few tips for the early weeks of preschool:

  1. Stick to a morning and evening routine as much as possible.  Little bodies respond better to  the school day transition when they are well rested.
  2. Talk to your child about why they are going to preschool.  Highlight all the benefits and set a positive tone.  If you are happy they are going, chances are they will be, too!
  3. Your child's teacher will help to ensure that your child feels safe and secure during their day with us.  Communicate any special needs or issues at morning drop-off so that we can address these during the day.
  4. Be sure to pack a lunch that is age-appropriate and that your child can manage on their own as much as possible.  Feeling independent helps them build lots of confidence!
  5. When you pick up your child, ask lots of questions about their day.  After being apart, they will be comforted to know you are as glad to see them as they are to see you!

The 9 months we will spend together seem to stretch far into the future, but they always roll by quicker than we can imagine.  We want your child to have sweet memories of their time at preschool.  Please feel free to contact the office at any time with your concerns or needs.  We are here to provide your child with the love and support they need to reach lots of important milestones!  

Here's to a great year!

Little Imaginations Administration